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BULK SMS service

We enable you to communicate efficiently with your clients by use of our BULK SMS.


We offer an easy to intergrate API to developers with the best SMS prices in the market.


Only top up your account with what you want to use. There are no plans or minimum requirements

Non - Expiry:

Once purchased, your SMS messages remain valid until you send them out to your users.

Delivery Reports:

We process and share delivery notifications that to your applications for all SMS messages sent using our APIs

Pricing of BULK SMS

Network Basic Plan (KES0 - 19,999) Plus Plan (KES20,000 - 99,999) Premium Plan (KES100,000 - 399,999) Max Plan (400,000+)
Safaricom KES 1 KES 1 KES 0.9 KES 0.8
Airtel Kenya (Local Traffic) KES 1 KES 1 KES 0.9 KES 0.8
Airtel Kenya (International Traffic)* USD 0.066 USD 0.066 USD 0.066 USD 0.066
Other Kenyan Telcos KES 1 KES 1 KES 0.9 KES 0.8

Sender ID
Sender ID set up cost for all Mobile Service Providers
Telco Set Up
Bundled Safaricom & Airtel KES 19,900
Safaricom only KES 13,550
Airtel only KES 13,550
Telkom KES 9,500
Equitel KES 15,000

The SMS gateway can handle many API requests at any time.

You can choose among the many billing options depending on your business needs.

We have made it easy for a developer to build and deploy the BULK SMS within minutes

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